Honestly, money. I needed to make more money. I have a full time job and I worked overtime but my wife is a stay at home mom. With three kids (now four) it’s hard to live on one income.

But why a Constable? I really have no other skill set to fall back on. I started working in corrections when I was 20 years old. I never learned a trade. My father wasn’t in any kind of skilled trades so he couldn’t impart the skills for me to do anything other than what I now know. What I know is how to put people in handcuffs. I know how to deal with criminals and those that tend not to conform to the standards of our society. It kind of made sense. That and my wife made me do it. Made is probably too strong but without her I never would have done what I needed to do to get on the ballot. She pushed me to get the yard signs we couldn’t afford and to make a flyer to pass out at the polls. She even stood at the polls passing them out for almost 12 hours on election day. Without her, I wouldn’t be a Constable.