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Anger Management?!? I Don’t Need….

It was Thursday yesterday and that means Criminal Court day. I dread this day. It means at least 5 hours of constantly checking bags and purses and wanding everyone that comes through the door. The pay is horrible and I can think of a million things I’d rather be doing, like cutting the grass. Did I mention I really hate cutting the grass?

As Court was winding down and the lobby was emptying the case of a young female was called. Now this woman had sat patiently all day with her mother and possibly brother waiting her turn to see the judge. They were calm, quiet and didn’t go in and out like most defendants to smoke.

The lady exits the court room and I watched her whole demeanor change. She’s obviously agitated and she begins to get herself worked up “Anger management? 16 sessions? That’s $25 a session”! This continues. “Just put me in jail! I’m not working I can’t afford 16 sessions I’d rather go to jail. Tell the judge!” As she continues to sit and stew awaiting for her paperwork she continues to mutter comments to this effect. “Where’s my paperwork? It doesn’t take this long!”

Now I don’t know the particulars of this young woman’s case but I can only guess there was some violence involved. Simple assault etc something of that nature.  Apparently the judge hit the nail right on the head with the classes though.

What I don’t understand is, is this the norm these days? People unable to keep themselves under control or is it that I’m constantly around the types of people that have no self restraint? Have people always been this way? I can’t remember people behaving like this in public when I was a kid. Did I just not pay attention?

I hope the classes work for her. She couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. She has a long hard life with the criminal justice system if she doesn’t learn to control it. Do I think the classes will work? Not one bit. I’m sure I’ll see her in court soon.

Pay your rent please!

People please pay your rent. Probably one of the worst parts about being a Constable is having to evict people. It’s a strange thing to walk into someone else’s home and tell them they have 10 minutes to grab what they can and leave. Granted they have had 10 days notice that I’m coming but some people just bury their heads in the sand. I don’t necessarily feel bad for the adults. I feel bad for the kids.

I know I don’t know why they can’t pay their rent or what their situation is but their are resources out there to help them. I’ve had financial troubles, I get it. I’ve also never been unemployed. I’ll take whatever job I can get if it’s the only job I can get.

Most of the evictions I do the people have nicer things in their place than you’ll find in mine. I didn’t always know this I learned it the hard way. Mortage/rent first, then car if that’s how you get to and from work. Food, utilities and clothes. That’s all you really need……

Here’s an eviction I didn’t felt bad doing. If only I could share the smells….









Why did I become a Constable?

Honestly, money. I needed to make more money. I have a full time job and I worked overtime but my wife is a stay at home mom. With three kids (now four) it’s hard to live on one income.

But why a Constable? I really have no other skill set to fall back on. I started working in corrections when I was 20 years old. I never learned a trade. My father wasn’t in any kind of skilled trades so he couldn’t impart the skills for me to do anything other than what I now know. What I know is how to put people in handcuffs. I know how to deal with criminals and those that tend not to conform to the standards of our society. It kind of made sense. That and my wife made me do it. Made is probably too strong but without her I never would have done what I needed to do to get on the ballot. She pushed me to get the yard signs we couldn’t afford and to make a flyer to pass out at the polls. She even stood at the polls passing them out for almost 12 hours on election day. Without her, I wouldn’t be a Constable.

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